Title Author Level Organisation Year

 Meurant, Laurence  PhD  University of Namur, Belgium  2008
Visual word recognition in bilingual deaf children.  Ormel, Ellen  PhD  Radboud University Nijmegen , Netherlands  2008
Aspects of morphology and syntax of negation in Greek Sign Language.  Antzakas, Klimis  PhD  City University London, United Kindom  2008
Topic constructions in Hong Kong Sign Language.  Sze, Felix Yim Binh  PhD  University of Bristol, United Kindom  2008
Classifiers in Spoken and Signed Languages.  Bauer, Anastasia  Master    2008
Dove tolken: partner of concurrent? [Deaf interpreters: partner or competitor?]  van Gils, Gardy  Master  Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands  2007
On relativization and clefting in Italian Sign Language.  Branchini, Chiara  PhD  University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy  2007
Sign Languages as Natural Languages: the Linguistic Design Features  Mohr, Susanne  Master    2007
The typological classification of sign language morphology.  Schuit, Joke  Master  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  2007
   Master    2007
   Master  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain  2007
A descriptive analysis of Adamorobe Sign Language (Ghana).  Nyst, Victoria  PhD  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  2007

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