Title Author Level Organisation Year

Urban versus secondary sign languages:aspects of use and structure.  Backer  Master  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  2009
 Munoz-Baell, Irma  PhD  University of Alicante, Spain  2009
Spatial language: Insights from sign and spoken languages.  Arik, Engin  PhD  Purdue University, USA  2009
 Hong, Sung-Eun  PhD  University of Hamburg, Germany  2008
Code-blending by deaf children with a cochlear implant.  Kok  Master  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  2008
Jordanian Sign Language: aspects of grammar from a cross-linguistic perspective.  Hendriks, Bernadet  PhD  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  2008
Expressing existence in Flemish Sign Language.  De Weerdt, Danny  Master    2008
 Hatzopoulou, Marianna  PhD  University of Stockholm, Sweden  2008
Questions in American Sign Language: A quantitative analysis of raised and lowered eyebrows.  Weast, Tracy  PhD  University of Texas at Arlington, USA  2008
Classifiers in Spoken and Signed Languages.  Bauer, Anastasia  Master    2008
A constraint-based account of handshape contrast in sign languages.  Eccarius, Petra  PhD  Purdue University, USA  2008
Topic constructions in Hong Kong Sign Language.  Sze, Felix Yim Binh  PhD  University of Bristol, United Kindom  2008

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