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Seeing sentence boundaries: the production and perception of visual markers signalling boundaries in signed languages.    PhD  University College London, United Kindom  2010
 Sch̦nstr̦m, Krister  PhD  University of Stockholm, Sweden  2010
De mate van mondopening bij dove Nederlandse gebaarders. [The degree of mouth opening in deaf Dutch signers.]  Stadthaus, Maria  Master  Radboud University Nijmegen , Netherlands  2010
Written language production in deaf children and adults.  v. Beijsterveldt, Liesbeth  PhD  Radboud University Nijmegen , Netherlands  2009
The comparability of language assessment instruments for Sign Language of the Netherlands, the NGT-OP and the T-NGT.  Kip  Master  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  2009
Reflexive pronouns in Russian Sign Language and Sign Language of the Netherlands.  Kimmelman, Vadim  Master  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  2009
Mastering the Pressures of Variation: A Cognitive Linguistic Examination of Advanced Hearing ASL L2 Signers.  Nadolske, Marie  PhD  Purdue University, USA  2009
Syntax and Prosody in American Sign Language: the Nonmanual Prosodic Consequences of Multiple Wh-Questions.  Churng, Sarah  Master  University of Washington, USA  2009
De tweetalige ontwikkeling van dove kinderen in de Nederlandse Gebarentaal en het Nederlands. [Bilingual development of deaf children in Sign Language of the Netherlands and Dutch.]  Kolen, Esther  PhD  Radboud University Nijmegen , Netherlands  2009
Urban versus secondary sign languages:aspects of use and structure.  Backer  Master  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  2009
 Munoz-Baell, Irma  PhD  University of Alicante, Spain  2009
Spatial language: Insights from sign and spoken languages.  Arik, Engin  PhD  Purdue University, USA  2009