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A microanalysis of the nonmanual components of questions in American Sign Language.  Baker-Shenk, Carol  PhD  University of California at Berkeley, USA  1983
Structure and acquisition of verbs of motion and location in American Sign Language.  Supalla, Ted  PhD  University of California, USA  1982
Studies in Swedish Sign Language.  Bergman, Brita  PhD  University of Stockholm, Sweden  1982
Features of the handshape in American Sign Language.  Boyes Braem, Penny  PhD  University of California at Berkeley, USA  1981
Phonotactics and morphophonology in American Sign Language.  Mandel, Mark  PhD  University of California at Berkeley, USA  1981
Investigations into the syntactic structure of American Sign Language.  Liddell, Scott  PhD  University of California, USA  1977
Lexical borrowing in American Sign Language. Phonological and morphological restructuring.  Battison, Robbin  PhD  University of California, USA  1977
Phonology of a soundless language: phonological structure of the American Sign Language.  Friedman, Lynn  PhD  University of California at Berkeley, USA  1976
From sign language to speech: delayed acquisition of English by a hearing child of deaf parents  Todd  PhD  University of California at Berkeley, USA  1972
The sign language, an analysis (volumes I and II).  West  PhD  Indiana University, USA  1960
 Tervoort  PhD  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  1953