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Title Author Level Organisation Year

In search of a language. In?uences from spoken Dutch on Sign Language of the Netherlands.  Schermer, Trude  PhD  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  1990
 Myles-Zitzer  PhD  University of California, USA  1990
Auslan: the sign language of the Australian deaf community.  Johnston, Trevor A  PhD  University of Sydney, Australia  1989
Tiers and syllable structure in American Sign Language: evidence from phonotactics.    Master  University of California, USA  1988
Toward an explicit phonological representation for American Sign Language.  Nagahara  Master  University of California, USA  1988
The production of ASL signs.  Whittemore  PhD  University of Texas at Austin, USA  1987
Roles and reference in American Sign Language. A developmental perspective.  Loew, Ruth  PhD  University of Minnesota, USA  1984
Fast, formal and casual signing in American Sign Language.  Kettrick  Master  University of Washington, USA  1983
A microanalysis of the nonmanual components of questions in American Sign Language.  Baker-Shenk, Carol  PhD  University of California at Berkeley, USA  1983
Structure and acquisition of verbs of motion and location in American Sign Language.  Supalla, Ted  PhD  University of California, USA  1982
Studies in Swedish Sign Language.  Bergman, Brita  PhD  University of Stockholm, Sweden  1982
Features of the handshape in American Sign Language.  Boyes Braem, Penny  PhD  University of California at Berkeley, USA  1981