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Title Author Level Organisation Year

 Karnopp, Lodenir  Master    1994
 Wallin, Lars  PhD  University of Stockholm, Sweden  1994
Aspects of the syntax of American Sign Language.  Aarons, Debra  Bachelor  Boston University, USA  1994
Phrase structure of Brazilian sign language.  Quadros  PhD    1994
Aspects of rhythm in American Sign Language: a comparative study between native and non-native signers.  Lupton  PhD  Purdue University, USA  1993
A linguistic investigation of the relationship between physiology and handshape.  Ann, Jean  PhD  University of Arizona, USA  1993
Clause structure in American Sign Language.  Petronio, Karen  PhD  University of Washington, USA  1993
Nonmanual grammatical markers. An analysis of interrogatives, negations and topicalisations in Sign Language of the Netherlands.  Coerts, Jane  PhD  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  1992
A linguistic analysis of sign language: with emphasis on morphology and its application to Japanese Sign Language.  Hara, Daisuke  Master  International Christian University,  1991
Word formation in British Sign Language.  Brennan, Mary  PhD  University of Stockholm, Sweden  1990
Theoretical foundations of American Sign Language phonology.  Brentari, Diane K.  PhD  University of Chicago, USA  1990
 Vogt-Svendsen, Marit  PhD  Universitetet i Trondheim, Norway  1990