Title Author Level Organisation Year

Kata Kolok phonology – variation & acquisition  Hannah Lutzenberger  PHD  Radboud University  2021
A lexical comparison of South African Sign Language and potential lexifier languages  Van Niekerk, Andries  Master  Stellenbosch University  2020
Developing a sentence repetition test for the evaluation of deaf children’s use of South African Sign Language  Palmer, Amy  Master  Stellenbosch University  2020
The Use of Signing Space in a Shared Sign Language of Australia  Bauer, Anastasia  PHD  University of Cologne  2014
 Bahtiyar  Master  Ankara University, Turkey  2012
Sign-Spatiality in Kata Kolok: how a village sign language of Bali inscribes its signing space  de Vos, Connie  PhD  Radboud University Nijmegen , Netherlands  2012
The meaning of space in Catalan Sign Language (LSC). Reference, specificity and structure in signed discourse  Barbera, Gemma  PhD  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain  2012
Revisiting Reduplication. Toward a description of reduplication in predicative signs in Swedish Sign Language    Master  University of Stockholm, Sweden  2011
 Mohr, Susanne  PhD    2011
Iconicity Effects in Learning of Single Signs by Hearing Children  de Meijer, Anne  Master  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  2011
The Signing of Deaf Children with Autism: Lexical phonology and perspective-taking in the visual-spatial modality.  Shield, Aaron  PhD  University of Texas at Austin, USA  2010
Language policy and social justice: the case of BSL  Batterbury, Sara  Master  University of Bristol, United Kindom  2010

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