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We are looking for hearing learners of a sign language in Europe to complete a survey! Can you help share this link with them?


Re: Sign Language Acquisition Corpus (SLAC): Learner Perspectives Survey

We are currently working on a project to develop a Sign Language Acquisition Corpus alongside colleagues at the University of Stockholm. In 2013-14, we completed a data collection process here at Trinity College Dublin in parallel with colleagues in Sweden who collected data from students at their university. Our goal is to compile a digital searchable corpus of language use by second language users, a significant move forward in the field of teaching and learning sign languages. Indeed, we believe that this project represents the first time that researchers will approach the question of how sign languages are learned by hearing adults in this way.

We now wish to consolidate our local data with input from a wider range of sign language learners across Europe.

Our goal is to learn more about how adult hearing learners of a sign language experience the process. To do this, we have prepared a questionnaire which draws heavily on the work of Rico Peterson (2009) who has previously surveyed American Sign Language learners across North America. The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The language of the study is English.

To this end, we ask if you could share the link to our questionnaire at:

The closing date for completion of surveys is: 30 May 2015.

We very much look forward to sharing our findings with you!

Irish Research Team
Professor Lorraine Leeson, Trinity College Dublin (
Patrick A. Matthews, Trinity College Dublin (
Sarah Sheridan, Trinity College Dublin (

Swedish Research Team
Dr. Johanna Mesch, University of Stockholm (
Dr. Krister Schönström, University of Stockholm (

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