Summer school: Deaf Studies in Aarhus

Summer school


Aarhus University in Denmark offers a summer course in Deaf Studies (Bachelor level) that could be interesting for your students. It is the second time a summer school in DEaf Studies is held in Aarhus. In 2015, some 40 students, both deaf and hearing, from a wide range of countries attended the course.

This year, the summer school focuses on bilingualism and language studies. The course is taught in International Sign, with simultaneous translation to English, and probably also (on screen) to Danish sign language.

In addition, Aarhus University offers a range of other summer courses that would be interesting for students of linguistics as well from your university: forensic phonetics,  linguistic fieldwork and language description and second language acquisition. Here are links to these four courses:

The deadline for application is approaching: March 15.

For general information on the summer schools, see:

For technical questions, please contact the Aarhus Summer University Staff:

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