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For the academic year 2013/14 a new MSc Language Sciences with specialisation in Sign Language Studies is being planned under the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences at University College London. This programme will allow students to study Language Sciences whilst focusing their studies and research on language and cognition linked to deafness and the linguistics of sign languages.The programme is currently at the approval stage and will shortly be able to accept applications for 2013 entry.

The MSc in Language Sciences is an umbrella degree that provides students with an opportunity for the in-depth study of one or more areas of the Language Sciences. The new strand on Sign Language Studies complements three existing specialisation strands: language development, linguistics with neuroscience, and speech and hearing sciences.? Students take a set of mandatory modules and have the opportunity to specialise in one specific area of the language sciences through the selection of core and optional modules, and a research project.

Core modules for the new Sign Language Studies specialisation include Linguistics of Sign Languages; Deafness, Cognition and Language; and (for students without signing experience) an introductory course in British Sign Language. Optional modules may include courses on linguistic theory and structure, language development, language disorders, and interpreting, among many others. Modules will be taught by staff within the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, including staff at DCAL.

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For questions or to express interest in the MSc in Language Sciences with specialisation in Sign Language Studies, contact Dr. Kearsy Cormier (

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