SLLS General Meeting 2016

TISLR 12, Melbourne (5 January, 2016)

All TISLR participants were invited to attend the SLLS’s General Meeting 2016, but only members had the right to vote. During the meeting, members re-elected the existing board for the 2016-2019 period:

  • Diane Lillo-Martin (chair; re-elected)
  • Johanna Mesch (vice-chair; re-elected)
  • Adam Schembri (secretary; re-elected)
  • David Quinto-Pozos (treasurer; re-elected)
  • Kearsy Cormier (webmaster; re-elected)
  • Christian Rathmann (international relations: deaf communities; re-elected)
  • Victoria Nyst (international relations: academics; re-elected)

The following regional representatives were (re-)elected, to liaise with colleagues in various parts of the world and ensure an optimal two-way flow of information.

  • Africa: Eyasu Tamene
  • Asia: Felix Sze
  • Oceania: Gabrielle Hodge
  • Europe: Carlo Geraci
  • North America: Deborah Chen Pichler
  • South America: Marianne Stumpf

The following audit committee members were re-elected, to evaluate the society’s financials.

  • Gladys Tang
  • Marcel Giezen

Finally, the team at Osaka, Japan (Ritsuko Kikusawa and colleagues) was elected to host the 2022 meeting of the TISLR conference.

The minutes of the meeting will be distributed in the near future.

Documents distributed before the meeting


Minutes of the last GM (at TISLR11 in London, July 2013)

  • Minutes of the GM of July 2013 (coming soon)

Report from the board

Financial information

  • Financial reports can be found here