Symposium “Deaf Studies: Strengthening Our Heritage”, Berlin, 1-3 October 2010



Symposium “Deaf Studies: Strengthening Our Heritage”
01.09.-03.09.2010 in Berlin


For the international symposium on „Deaf Studies: Strengthening our Heritage“ we expect some short lectures (20 min) that topically deepen the three key-lectures.

The short lectures are supposed to examine the motto „Deaf Studies: Strengthening our Heritage“ from a linguistic or political or cultural point of view. The key lectures will be held

by Prof. Dr. Christian Rathmann (linguistic focus), Dr. Ádám Kósa (political focus) and Hilde Haualand (anthropological focus) and we want each of their lectures to be followed by two

short lectures. Any details and the order of lectures can be found in the booklet.



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