Renew your membership

To renew your SLLS membership, all you have to do is pay the membership fee for the next period (2013-2016). Transfer the appropriate membership fee to the SLLS bank account or pay by credit card using PayPal. If you want to sign up as a member for the first time, go to the registration page.

The membership fees extend your current membership until (thus excluding) the AGM (General Meeting) at TISLR 12 in 2016. Renewing your membership will ensure that you are a registered member by the time you register for TISLR 11 in London in 2013.

Note that renewing your membership does not automatically register you for the TISLR conference, you will need to do that separately at the conference web site.

Standard three-year membership fees (for the full period between TISLR meetings) have been set as follows:

Regular members € 85
Student members € 25
Researchers from developing countries* € 25

* Developing countries are those that are not in the ‘high income’ list of the World Bank.

SLLS bank information, should you wish to pay by bank transfer:

  • ING Bank in the Netherlands, account no.: 3728636 (belonging to Sign Language Linguistics Society (secretary), IGTD-FE-HU, PO Box 14007, NL-3508 SB Utrecht, The Netherlands)
  • IBAN account no.: NL79 INGB 0003728636
  • BIC/SWIFT code of ING Bank: INGBNL2A

You can also pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) using PayPal:

Regular members: 85 euros (until TISLR 2016)
Student members and members from developing countries: 25 euros (until TISLR 2016)

You will receive a confirmation of your renewed membership for the coming term by e-mail from (subject: Re-registration SLLS 2016) after the registration fee has been received and checked by the treasurer.

[Page was last updated on August 29, 2012]