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Title Abstract Topic language Main topic Authors Event Event Date PDF Upload Website/URL
AVATecH: advancing video technology in humanities research language technology SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_AVATecH.pdf
language technology Thomas Hanke, Silke Matthes, Jakob Storz, Satu Worseck, Richard Bowden, Annelies Braffort, Christophe Collet, Helen Cooper, Eleni Efthimiou, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, John Glauert, Petros Maragos, Julia Pelhate SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_Dictasign.pdf
The Berlin Sign Language Lab (BERSLA): Utilizing sign language data for teaching Horst Ebbinghaus, Thomas Geiler SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_Ebbinghaus.pdf
Towards the automated identification of FinSL signs language technology Tommi Jantunen, Matti Karppa, Markus Koskela, Jorma Laaksonen SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_Jantunen.pdf
Primary, secondary and tertiary processing in the Auslan Corpus corpus linguistics Trevor A Johnston SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_Johnston.pdf
From utterance to example sentence lexicography Jette Hedegaard Kristoffersen SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_Kristoffersen.pdf
lexicography Thomas Bjorkstrand, Johanna Mesch, Anna-Lena Nilsson, Lars Wallin SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_Mesch.pdf
Use of sign language corpora in L1 learning and teaching Gene Mirus, Gaurav Mathur SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_MirusMathur.pdf
Linking ELAN and LEXUS language technology Onno Crasborn, Micha Hulsbosch, Han Sloetjes, , Hessel Harmsen SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_SignLinC.pdf
Signs2Go: re-using sign language resources to teach BSL as a foreign language Sabine Fries, Jens Hessmann, Liesbeth Pijfers SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_Signs2Go.pdf
Making the Magdeburg sign language corpus accessible for research and teaching corpus linguistics Patricia Barbeito Rey-Geissler, Andreas Goeze, Martje Hansen, Jens Hessmann, Lela Kotarac, Stefan Pump SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_TextprojektMagdeburg.pdf
Large Multimedia Archive for World Languages language technology Przemek Lenkiewicz, Peter Wittenburg, Paul Trilsbeek SLCN4 SLCN4_poster_MPIMultimediaArchive.pdf
Enhanced ELAN functionality for sign language corpora Onno Crasborn LREC08 LREC2008_ELAN_poster_s.pdf
Using ELAN for annotating sign language corpora in a team setting Onno Crasborn, Han Sloetjes LREC10 LREC2010_poster_ELAN_s.pdf
Deafness, Not Sign Language, Enhances Peripheral Visual Attention Matthew Dye, Geo Kartheiser, Peter Hauser, Daphne Bavelier TISLR10 TISLR-10-DYE-FINAL.pdf
Accessibility and space in sign language discourse Gemma Barbera TISLR10 Barbera_AccessibilitySpace.pdf
Colours on hands: Phonological markedness of sign language color terms Monica Haga-Schoonhoven, Roland Pfau, Bart de Boer TISLR10 TISLR-2010-SPB.pdf
The influence of oralism on mouth actions in Irish Sign Language (ISL) Susanne Mohr BUCLD 34 Poster_BUCLD_Hoch.pdf
The correlation between word class and mouth actions in Irish Sign Language (ISL) morphology Susanne Mohr TISLR10 Poster_TISLR.pdf
The syntax of pronominal pointing signs in Italian Sign Language (LIS) syntax Carmela Bertone, Anna Cardinaletti TISLR10 poster-pronoun.pdf
Pointing in SL and SpL: Anchoring vs. Positioning Gemma Barbera, M Zwets TISLR10 AnchoringPositioning_BarberaZwets.pdf
Handedness in the Corpus NGT Anna Safar, Onno Crasborn, Ellen Ormel TISLR10 TISLR10_SafarCrasbornOrmel.pdf
Phonological constraints on handshape mapping in ASL: evidence from articulatory compensation Jonathan Udoff, Karen Emmorey TISLR10 TISLR10_Udoff.pdf
The impact of language modality on the linguistic encoding of perceptual categories Brenda Nicodemus, Lucinda OGrady, Asifa Majid, Karen Emmorey TISLR10 TISLR10_Nicodemus_s.pdf
Variation in NGT mouthings. Code-mixing or not? Richard Bank TISLR10 TISLR10_Bank.pdf
Accessibility and space in Sign Language discourse Gemma Barbera TISLR10 TISLR10_Barbera.pdf
Ana Regina Campello TISLR10 TISLR10_Campello.pdf
The depiction comprehension test in American Sign Language Peter Hauser, Raylene Paludnevi?ien?, Paul Dudis, Wanda Riddle, Doni Daggett, Brittany Freel TISLR10 TISLR10_Daggett.pdf
Expressing existence in Flemish Sign Language & Finnish Sign Language Danny De Weerdt TISLR10 TISLR10_DeWeerdt.pdf
Deafness, not Sign Language, enhances peripheral visual attention Matthew Dye, Geo Kartheiser, Peter Hauser, Daphne Bavelier TISLR10 TISLR10_Dye.pdf
Long-distance coarticulation in ASL: A production and perception study Michael Grosvald, David Corina TISLR10 TISLR10_GrosvaldCorina.pdf
A case study on instrument classifiers in Tianjin Sign Language Jia He TISLR10 TISLR10_HeJia.pdf
Grammaticalisation processes in Flemish Sign Language syntax Mieke Van Herreweghe TISLR10 TISLR10_Herreweghe.pdf
Expressing plural meaning in Flemish Sign Language (VGT) Isabelle Heyerick, Mieke van Braeckevelt, Danny De Weerdt, Mieke Van Herreweghe, Myriam Vermeerbergen TISLR10 TISLR10_Heyerick.pdf
The Danish Sign Language dictionary lexicography Jette Hedegaard Kristoffersen TISLR10 TISLR10_Kristoffersen.pdf
Age of acquisition effects of American Sign Language on mental rotation Amber Martin TISLR10 TISLR10_Martin1.pdf
The correlation between word class and mouth actions in Irish Sign Language (ISL) Susanne Mohr TISLR10 TISLR10_Mohr.pdf
A new research tool for exploring the landscape of signed dialogue , Graham Turner, Bethan Davies, Merrison TISLR10 TISLR10_Quinn.pdf
Joke Schuit TISLR10 TISLR10_Schuit.pdf
Palm orientation errors are characteristic of deaf children with autism Aaron Shield, Richard Meier TISLR10 TISLR10_ShieldMeier.pdf
The interplay of different head movements and their functions in Austrian Sign Language Andrea Lackner, Christian Stalzer TISLR10 TISLR10_StalzerLackner.pdf
Sociolinguistic variation and change of British Sign Language number signs Rose Stamp, Adam Schembri, Jordan Fenlon , Ramas Rentelis TISLR10 TISLR10_Stamp.pdf
Is there a passive in Hong Kong Sign Language? Felix Sze Yim Binh TISLR10 TISLR10_Sze_passive.pdf
Right dislocation pronominals in Hong Kong Sign Language Felix Sze Yim Binh TISLR10 TISLR10_Sze_rightdislocation.pdf
Expression of number in the NP in Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) Amelie Voghel, Julie Rinfret TISLR10 TISLR10_VoghelRinfret.pdf
(Re)Think Portuguese Sign Language in Specific Learning Contexts Poster-F%C3%A1tima-Sarmento_.pdf
MLU in Portuguese children with cochlear implant: differences with hearing pairs? language production Sofia Lynce, Sofia Marques, Ana Mineiro Poster-Cochlear-Implants.pdf
Corpus AQUI_LGP first language acquisition SLA RodriguesMoraisMorgadoBarretoCarmo2013_SLA_poster.pdf
An analysis of code-switching in bimodal bilinguals (Brazilian Sign Language and Portuguese) Aline Nunes de Souza, Ronice Muller de Quadros SLA NunesQuadros2013_SLA-poster.pdf
WRITTEN PORTUGUESE AS L2 FOR DEAF CHILDREN: RELATIONS BETWEEN WRITING AND ORAL LANGUAGE first language acquisition Zilda Maria Gesueli, Ivani Rodrigues Silva, Sabrina Oliveira M Guimaraes SLA Gesueli_etal2013_SLA-poster.pdf
The Handshapes in Portuguese Sign Language: Phonological Study Moita_TheHandshapesinPortuguesSignLanguage_19june2013.pdf
Turn-taking and backchannel behviour in BSL conversations Jordan Fenlon , Adam Schembri, Rachel Sutton-Spence TISLR 11 2013-Fenlon.pdf
Title Abstract Topic language Main topic Authors Event Event Date PDF Upload Website/URL