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In March 2002 Tobias Haug launched the website So, it celebrates its 11th anniversary.

He has renamed some of the test categories, merged one and added a new category. He would be more then happy if you could provide feedback on the new categories (also there are some space restriction in terms of length). He is also planning to have testing procedures related to the Common European Framework of Reference included there in the future.

Additionally, the “Forum”, which hardly has been used, has been removed. The “News” sections has been renamed into “What’s new” and will cover in the future only changes/updates to this site.

In the future  “guest authors” will be invited to present their sign language assessments.

You are kindly asked to participate in a very short survey re this site and what should be included there in the future. It takes about 5 minutes to complete this survey. The survey is implemented into the website at

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