Job opportunity: Sign language specialists to participate in a project at the HSE (Higher School of Economics) in Moscow

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We are searching for specialist in syntax/grammar structures of American/Russian Sign Languages for participating in group project with the students of Computer Science Department (HSE, Moscow, Russia). We aim to develop AR application for bi-directional Text – Sign Language translation using possibilities of modern deep neural networks, allowing us to recognise signs with respect to different modalities, including action recognitons, emotions, hand and human pose tracking, etc.
Now, we need a consultant from linguists who could help us with the following tasks:
– consult on grammars of sign languages, sign split methods in video sequence and formulate tasks for translation model;
– consult on sign modalities and word contexts;
– test the performance of recognition and visualization modules based on incorporating modalities of signs;
– be available to contact deaf community for possible video dictionary enrichment and evaluation of our approaches.
We work in Scrum model, so weekly participation in Sprint task assignments and discussion of the progress is much appreciated.
Also, any methodical works containing most common grammar and syntax rules for ASL/RSL will be appreciated.

Contact: Ilya Makarov,

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