Job opportunity: Prosody/Language Acquisition, Sign language: PhD, University of Lisbon

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Applications are invited for one funded PhD position at the Phonetics and Phonology Lab and the Lisbon Baby Lab of the Center of Linguistics of the University of Lisbon (CLUL). The candidate will develop a project on the Prosody of Portuguese Sign Language/Língua Gestual Portuguesa (LGP). Research on this minority language is remarkably scarce. The work will contribute to the knowledge of the unexplored issues of production, perception and/or acquisition of prosody in LGP.
General scientific area: Linguistics, Psychology
Specific scientific area: Phonology (Prosody), Psycholinguistics, Sign language, Language processing, Language acquisition
Applications are invited from candidates holding a Master degree (MA) in Linguistics, Psychology or related areas
The work will be conducted at the Phonetics and Phonology Lab and Lisbon Baby Lab (PhonLab/LBL), under the supervision and/or co-supervision of Marina Vigário, Sónia Frota and/or Marisa Cruz. PhonLab/LBL is a leading group for research on prosody and the acquisition of prosody, with a strong interest in multimodal prosody and sign language, working with a network of partners on visual prosody, gestures and sign language. The research will take advantage of the resources, facilities and human assets available at the Lab. One of two possible PhD programs from the University of Lisbon can be chosen: PhD in Linguistics (School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon) and PhD in Cognitive Sciences (University of Lisbon).
The successful candidate is expected to start in the beginning of July 2021.
Application deadline: 11th June 2021
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