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Professor in Sign Language at the Department of Linguistics. Ref. No. SU 611-2487-12.

Application deadline: October, 22 2012.

The Sign Language Section at the Department of Linguistics offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies in the Swedish Sign Language, focusing on practical skills, as well as theoretical aspects. The Department of Linguistics aims currently to become part of the new university based programme for sign language interpreters. The sign language research at Stockholm University includes different linguistic specializations, such as studies in the structure of the Swedish Sign Language, children´s sign language, deaf-blind communication, cognitive sign language theory, and sign language interpretation. The Sign Language Section is also involved in corpus and lexicography work, and in documenting the vocabulary of Swedish Sign Language. Interaction with the wider community is also an essential part of the activities at the department, as well as international collaborations of various types.

Furthermore, the Department of Linguistics is notable for its research and education in bilingualism of the deaf, general linguistics, phonetics, and computational linguistics.

Responsibilities: The professor is expected to conduct research, supervise students at graduate and doctoral levels, and teach at all levels. The active pursuing of external research funding is included in the duties pertaining to this position. In addition, the professor is expected to participate in internal activities at the Department of Linguistics, and to accept administrative assignments at management level.

Qualification requirements: Applicants should present documented evidence of their research expertise and teaching ability within the field of Sign Language.

Research expertise should be demonstrated through independent research. The quality, as well as quantity, of independent research must exceed, to a significant extent, the requirements for qualification as a Reader or as an Associate Professor. Furthermore, the applicant should demonstrate qualifications regarding research leadership and research planning.

Teaching ability should be demonstrated through teaching at all academic levels. This ability is to be well-documented, so as to facilitate assessment concerning the quality of the teaching activities.

The applicant must show ability to collaborate, and that he/she has the necessary background to perform satisfactorily the duties of the position.

As a specific requirement, the applicant must demonstrate a good command of Swedish Sign Language, or another national sign language. Alternatively, the applicant is expected to acquire such a command within the initial two years of employment. An applicant who does not command Swedish language in writing is expected to acquire this proficiency likewise.

Assessment criteria: Special emphasis will be paid to research proficiency, demonstrated through the applicant’s research and planning and leading of research, and teaching proficiency, demonstrated through the applicant’s teaching and supervision.

As for the assessment of research proficiency, special emphasis will be paid to the applicant’s linguistically oriented research within the field of Sign Language, as well as to the documented ability to pursue and obtain external funding.

Assessment of the teaching proficiency will include teaching ability, course planning, course evaluation, supervision, and examination.

Strong emphasis will be paid to a documented ability to collaborate.

Emphasis will also be paid to an ability to interact with the wider community and to communicate research and development results.

Emphasis will also be paid to the applicant’s administrative qualifications as well as other skills of importance for the development of activities in the field of Sign Language, including leadership and ability to develop staff competencies.

The following criteria are considered to be additional qualifications:

• The completion of at least 7.5 higher education credits in teaching theory, or comparable qualification. An applicant lacking such training, and comparable merits, is expected to complete these credits during the initial two years of employment.

• Research supervisor training.

For further information, contact Professor Kristina Svartholm, telephone: + 46 8 16 35 13, e-mail: Information about the application and appointment procedure can be obtained from Kenneth Hjalmarsson, telephone: + 46 8 16 21 30, e-mail:

Trade union representatives are Anqi Lindblom-Ahlm (SACO), Lisbeth Häggberg (ST), telephone +46 8 16 20 00, and Gunnar Stenberg (SEKO), +46 70 316 4341.

Application: To apply to this position, use theStockholm University’s web application form.

To the application form for this position

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the submitted application is complete, follows the instructions in the vacancy announcement and is submitted no later than application deadline.

Template for application for employment as teaching personnel at Stockholm University:

Please note that no more than 10 scientific works may be submitted for assessment.

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Disclaimer: In case of a discrepancy between the Swedish original and the English translation of the job announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

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