Job opportunity: Postdoc position (12 months) in the YMSL project

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Postdoc position
Duration: 12 months
Stipend: 372,000.00 MXN (30,000 MXN monthly = 1,500 EUR/1,650USD)
Other funding: fieldwork expenses, conference expenses, informant payment
Material (for the duration of the project): video camera, Hard drives
Due date to send proposal: February 20th 2020 (starting date could be later in 2020)
– The candidate should have been educated in sign language studies
– The candidate should not have a contract in another university (but can be affiliated in her/his place of choice, otherwise, it will be affiliated to the Mexican CONACyT)
– Ideally, speaks some Spanish
– Be ready to learn Yucatec Maya Sign Language
– Conduct an original research
– Conduct field research in various communities of the Yucatec Peninsula (doing fieldwork)
– Work within the team (YMSL Project team)
– One Journal paper (preferably in English in an international Journal)
– Presentation(s) in conferences (national and international)
Theme: The student is free to elect the theme (s)he wants to study. Although, we strongly encourage studies on phonology or syntax.
Description: This postdoc project is short but provides an exciting opportunity to describe an emerging language from an original perspective. It will allow the candidate to conduct an innovative research, not only through the description of a new language, but to also contribute to the theory of sign language emergence and of language evolution.
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