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Handicapped researcher recruitment via short-term contracts – 2010
Within the framework of the 2010 researcher recruitment campaign, and in addition to the positions offered in the general researcher competitive recruitment process, CNRS has five recruitment opportunities reserved for handicapped candidates (as defined by French law).
These work contracts allow selected candidates to be hired permanently as tenured researchers at the end of a one-year period, renewable once.
This recruitment procedure is similar to the national recruitment competition, in terms of its technical aspects and its timetable. Candidates are selected by the relevant sections of the National Committee for Scientific Research.
This new form of recruitment aims to facilitate the hiring of young handicapped researchers, but is not intended to replace the national recruitment competition, which remains the usual means of recruiting researchers.
If you are a handicapped researcher and wish to join CNRS, in addition to the positions offered in the general researcher competitive entry process, CNRS has five contract positions reserved for handicapped researchers.
List of laboratories
The following list identifies the labs with openings for this recruitment process.
This list will evolve.  Please check it regularly.
Institute of physics (INP)
Institute for engineering and systems sciences (INSIS)
National Institute for Earth Science and Astronomy (INSU)
Institute for computer sciences (INS2I)
Institute for humanities and social sciences (INSHS)
National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3)
Application procedure
To apply, download the application form [PDF] and the instruction booklet [PDF]. You can alternatively contact the relevant regional office (listed in the first column of the list of openings; contact information for each regional office on the CNRS website, or the office in charge of recruitment (address listed below) for a paper version.
 Warning: you will need « Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 » to download files.
It is not possible to file an application online. You must therefore fill out the application form by hand. You will need to attach any documents and send the completed file to the office in charge of recruitment. This is the sole address at which application files can be sent or deposited:
CNRS – Délégation régionale Ile de France Ouest et Nord
Service opérateur de concours
1, place Aristide Briand
92190 MEUDON
Applications must be postmarked by 8 february 2010 – 16h (Paris Time).
Timetable for the 2010 recruitment process
6 January to 8 february : applications received
22 february to 23 April : applications evaluated by the National Committee
26 April to 17 Jun : applicant interviews
18 Jun to 7 july : selection of top candidates
1 October : contract begins (one-year contract, renewable)
 Nb : This type of recruitment is not open to candidates who are already French civil servants. Candidates must fulfill degree requirements and other requirements for recruitment as a French civil servant. If these conditions are not fulfilled or a file is incomplete, a candidate’s file will be rejected and the candidate will be so informed. This means of recruitment is open to all nationalities.

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