News: SLLS Best Prizes at TISLR 12: The winners!

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SLLS has awarded the TISLR Best Prize to the following posters/paper presented at TISLR12:

  • Zed Sevcikova and colleagues, ASL-LEX: A lexical database for American Sign Language (Early career Prize, €100)
  • Nick Palfreyman, Sign language sociolinguistics and the ‘Third Wave’: The social significance of Javanese mouthings in an Indonesian city (Early career Prize, €100)
  • Richard Cokart and colleagues, The auxiliary verb AUX-OP in Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT): Patterns of use by Deaf NGT Signers and NGT-Dutch interpreters (Student Prize, €100)
  • Carl Börstell and colleagues, Distribution and duration of signs and parts of speech in Swedish Sign Language (Student Prize, €100)

We congratulate all winners with their prize.

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