SLLS Best Poster Prizes at TISLR 10: The winners!

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SLLS has awarded the SLLS Best Poster Prize to the following three posters presented at TISLR10:

  1. Brenda Nicodemus and colleagues (LLCN, San Diego State University & Radboud University of Nijmegen), The impact of language modality on linguistic encoding of perceptual categories (1st Prize, €200)
  2. Anna Sáfár and colleagues (Radboud University of Nijmegen), Handedness in the Corpus NGT (2nd Prize, €100)
  3. Jonathan Udoff & Karen Emmorey (LLCN, San Diego State University), Phonological constraints on handshape mapping in ASL (3rd Prize, €50)

We congratulate all winners with their prize, and encourage everyone to take another look at their posters in the Poster Archive.

At the subsequent TISLR conferences, a Poster Prize Committee will be installed and will judge the posters at the event. This first time the posters have been evaluated by the current board members. The following criteria applied:
a. Presentation of new and innovative research
b. Good explanation of the research questions / themes, approach, and outcomes
c. Clear design with optimal use of graphics
d. Optimal accessibility to people not familiar with the sign language under investigation (if applicable) (“Don’t assume that people will know the ASL sign APPLE.”)

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