Royal medal to Brita Bergman (Stockholm University)

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Brita Bergman, Professor of Sign Language at the Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University, has been awarded H.M. The King’s Medal. She received the Order of the Seraphim ribbon in 8th size “for significant work in sign language research.” Professor Bergman was awarded the medal at a ceremony that took place at the Royal Palace in Stockholm on June 14, 2011.

Professor Bergman has done research on sign language since the 1970s and her work laid the foundation for the recognition of Swedish Sign Language as the first language of deaf people in 1981 by the Parliament. In 1991 Brita Bergman became the first professor in the world in Sign language.

According to the official website of the Swedish Royal Court, the H.M. The King’s Medal (1850s) is presented to Swedish and foreign citizens for special merit and to officials of the Royal Court for long and faithful service. This medal is combined with chain or ribbon and there are both gold and silver versions in various sizes.


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