Do you have a specific question or suggestion for the members of the board or on the internet activities of SLLS? Please send an email to (one of) the appropriate person. General questions about sign language and sign linguistics should be addressed to the SLLING-L mailing list.

Board members

Name Function Contact for…
Diane Lillo-Martin Chair General information
Johanna Mesch Vice chair General information
David Quinto-Pozos Treasurer Financial questions about SLLS
Adam Schembri Secretary SLLS question
Victoria Nyst International contacts SLLS question
Christian Rathmann International contacts SLLS question
Kearsy Cormier Web master SLLS site

Internet contacts

Name Function Contact for…
Kearsy Cormier SLLS web master Web site
Johanna Mesch SLLS newsletter editor Entries for the SLLS newsletter
Calle Börstell SLLS discussion list moderator Questions about the mailing list