Workshop & CfP: Exploitation of sign language corpora, Berlin, 3-4 December 2010



Workshop title: Exploitation of sign language corpora

Place & date: Berlin, 3 + 4 December 2010


Organisers: Onno Crasborn & Jens Hessmann

Invited speakers: Ted Supalla & Mark Wheatley (confirmed), and several others (to be confirmed)

The fourth and final workshop of the Sign Linguistics Corpora Network will focus on the publication and exploitation of signed language corpora. What are the possibilities for publication and sharing of data, and what are the advantages of sharing data with the rest of the world? These are the two questions that will be central at the meeting. Topics that may be covered include the following:

Options for long-term archiving of video corpora

How to restrict the usage rights over published materials

Licenses for publishing materials

Uses of the corpus for other fields than linguistics (incl. deaf studies, interpreting studies, psychology)

Access for the language community itself

Use of lingusitic corpora in L2 learning and teaching

Use of corpus data in deaf education

Technology for automatic indexing, recognition and translation

Versioning of corpus releases: how to keep track of updates

Searching and data mining

Integration of corpus publication with other video sources such as YouTube

Methodologies for corpus sign linguistics

In addition to a number of invited speakers, there will be an extensive poster session that will be spread out over both days. ***Abstracts for posters*** on topics like those above can be submitted until ***November 7***; the review procedure will be completed by ***November 12***. Abstracts of max. 1 A4 should include Author, Title and Affiliation, and may include both text and images. The file format must be PDF. They should be sent to ******.

The workshop will consist of two parts:

1. Friday Dec. 3: meeting for scientists only

2. Saturday Dec. 4: joint meeting with researchers and representatives of deaf communities throughout Europe, including the European Union of the Deaf

The goal of the second day is both to inform the European sign language communities about ongoing developments, and to elicit feedback and ideas about potential applied uses of sign corpora.

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