The 4th edition of the SLTAT workshop (Sign Language translation and avatar technology)

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After the first three events, we are pleased to announce the 4th edition of the SLTAT workshop (Sign Language translation and avatar technology), taking place April 9-10, 2015 in Paris. More details can be found online on the conference website:

General keywords/topics are:

* Sign Language processing
* Signing avatars (virtual signers)
* Automatic or assisted SL translation

This edition will mainly be dedicated to applications and users of translation and avatar technologies. The prospects in accessibility and user expectations can be quite high, and given the newly formed and safely growing state of the community, a good idea was to have a proper space to understand the current state of progress on both scientific and technological aspects. To achieve this, we wish that be represented at the workshop:
* computer science and any system that processes or presents Sign Language, provided it is relevant to avatar technology or translation, whether to process or edit SL content, perform or enable avatar animation, etc.
* potential uses and ideas about what is needed, not needed, hoped for in terms of technology or software service
* Sign linguistics and field expertise on issues like feasibility, language acceptability, or valuable input in social and legal discussions.

Hoping to see you there.
Michael Filhol


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