Conference: ‘From Hand to Mouth: A dialogue between spoken and signed language research’ (Sept. 5–7, 2013, University of Zürich)



The international conference ‘From Hand to Mouth: A dialogue between spoken and signed language research’ will take place Sept. 5 – 7, 2013 at the University of Zürich. The purpose of the conference is to further a discussion of linguistic concepts and methodology based on a comparison of research in oral and signed languages.

The conference pairs lectures on specific themes by spoken and signed language researchers who are all internationally well-known in their fields.

Each pair of lectures will be followed by a moderated ‘synthesis’ session in which the lecturers will discuss the research similarities and differences in their fields.

The targeted themes and paired spoken language / signed language researchers are the following:

• Lexicography: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Behr / Dr. Reiner Konrad

• Deixis and Space: Prof. Dr. Heiko Hausendorf / Dr. Jörg Keller

• Typology: Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel / Prof. Dr. Ulrike Zeshan

• Morphology and Syntax: Prof. Dr. Christa Dürscheid, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark / Prof. Dr. Roland Pfau

• Psycholinguistics: Dr. Sabine Stoll / Prof. Dr. Gary Morgan

• Neurolinguistics: Prof. Dr. Martin Meyer / Dr. Mairead MacSweeney

• Corpus Linguistics: Prof. Dr. Anke Lüdeling / Thomas Hanke


The conference will be opened by an overview by Prof. Dr. Tobias Haug of sign language research that has been done in Switzerland and a poster session of work that has been done by young Swiss researchers. The conference will close with a discussion session involving the lecturers and the conference participants.

The official languages for the conference are English and International Sign.

Further information (also in Swiss German Sign Language, DSGS, and International Sign) can be found on the conference website


Conference Organising Committee

Penny Boyes Braem, Alexandra Bünzli, Miriam Dittmar, Sarah Ebling, Tobias Haug, Agnes Kolmer, Sabine Stoll

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