CfP: The 4th International Conference on Sign Language Acquisition (ICSLA), Boston University, 17-19 June 2021



The 4th International Conference on Sign Language Acquisition (ICSLA) will take place in June, 2021, at Boston University. ICSLA is an international conference that aims at disseminating recent research findings on sign language acquisition, which cover topics related to monolingual and bimodal acquisition, L1 and L2 sign language acquisition, developmental sign language disorders, and the interface between sign language, cognition, and neuroscience. Previous ICSLAs were in Portugal, Netherlands, and Turkey which were all successful events that brought high level experts from different countries in the field together. The 4th ICSLA conference will have three main themes: 1) sign language acquisition in cases of variable language input, 2) neural plasticity and neurodiversity in sign language acquisition, 3) modality effects in sign language acquisition: considering gestural, sign, spoken and written language forms.

We invite abstracts that address any aspect of sign language acquisition, including but not limited to:

Language assessment
L1 and L2 sign language acquisition
Late or delayed L1 sign language acquisition
Bilingualism and bimodality
Literacy & deaf education
Language disorders and sign language use in atypical populations
Role of gesture and iconicity in sign language acquisition (L1 & L2)
Cognitive and neural underpinnings of sign language acquisition
The use of technology and media in sign language learning and teaching
Homesign, village sign languages, emerging sign languages
Cross-linguistic aspects of sign acquisition
Sociolinguistics and Links between social development and sign language acquisition
SLA and socioemotional development
Sign language acquisition in the context of cochlear implants
Role of quality and quantity in environmental language input

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