CfP: Revista Linguí?tica, vol. 16, no. 3 (Commemorative), 2020

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Revista Linguí?tica, vol. 16, no. 3 (Commemorative), 2020

Sign Language research: contributions in light of the 25th anniversary of “Por uma gramática de línguas de sinais”.

Submission deadline: July 31st, 2020.
Issue publication scheduled for: End of December 2020.

Guest Editors: Andrew Nevins (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Anderson Almeida da Silva (UFDPAR) and Marília Uchôa Cavalcanti Lott de Moraes Costa (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro).
This edition of Revista Linguí?tica is dedicated to the study of sign languages. When looking at the literature on the Brazilian sign language (Libras), especially linguistic descriptions, one of them stands out among the others: “Por uma Gramática de Língua de Sinais” by Lucinda Ferreira de Brito, published in 1995. While more recent work yields important contributions, the insights presented in Ferreira (1995) remain current and insightful. Upon completing 25 years, the work, out of print, is in need of commemoration given its breadth of themes and description. Within this scope, we enphasize contributions to this edition in the areas of linguistic description, linguistic experimentation (psycholinguistic or neurolinguistic), sociolinguistics, and corpus linguistics, among others, as long as there is dialogue with sign languages or the deaf population. The purpose of this edition is to articulate the current discussion with what was produced in the seminal work of one of the first linguists who studied Brazilian sign languages. Thus, we will have an overview of the research carried out with sign languages and the advances and obstacles since the pioneering of Lucinda Ferreira.

We also welcome contributions from studies in the wide range of topics within linguistics on different theoretical approaches given that they discuss data on sign languages.

Suggested topics (may be included, but not limited to this list of suggestions):
1. Studies exploring corpora for synchronic or diachronic language description
2. Studies exploring language universals, issues on modality and others
3. Experimental studies: psycholinguistics or neurolinguistics
4. Ethnographic studies
5. Field work
6. Studies exploring language acquisition and language learning
7. Early and late language acquisition (impact of age of acquisition)
8. Multimodal language processing

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