Call for contributions to a Special Issue of Sign Language & Linguistics

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Contributions are solicited for a special issue of Sign Language & Linguistics to honor the memory of Irit Meir. The volume will include papers on any topic related to those of Irit’s many research interests, including the following:

Verb agreement, case, and other aspects of morphology of sign languages

Studies of emerging or village sign languages that bear on questions of
– language depth and linguistic structure
– interaction between social characteristics of a community, variation, and conventionalization,
– historical change in sign languages
– the emergence of linguistic processes

Iconicity and sign language structure

Metaphor in sign languages

Recursion in sign and spoken languages

Sign language and language evolution

If you are (potentially) interested in submitting to this volume, please submit a brief proposal by email addressed to the three guest editors (listed below). Approximately 8 proposals representing a variety of topics among those listed above will be selected for submission as full papers (roughly 20 pages / estimated 7000 words each). Papers will be subject to a full peer review process.

– Issuance of call for proposals Oct. 1, 2018
– Proposals due Oct. 29, 2018
– Submissions due April 29, 2019
– Reviews due May 27, 2019
– Revisions due August 26, 2019
– Announcement of contents at TISLR
– Publication in the first issue of 2020

Guest editors:
Diane Lillo-Martin (primary editor)
Wendy Sandler
Marie Coppola

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