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Phonological and morphological faces: Disgust signs in German Sign Language
pp. 123-180(58)
Authors: Elliott, Eeva A.; Jacobs, Arthur M.

Prosody in a communication system developed without a language model
pp. 181-212(32)
Authors: Applebaum, Lauren; Coppola, Marie; Goldin-Meadow, Susan

Authors’ Preface
pp. 213-214(2)
Authors: van der Hulst, Harry; Kita, Sotaro

The non-linguistic status of the Symmetry Condition in signed languages: Evidence from a comparison of signs and speech-accompanying representational gestures
pp. 215-238(24)
Authors: Kita, Sotaro; van Gijn, Ingeborg; van der Hulst, Harry

Authors’ Afterword
pp. 239-240(2)
Authors: van der Hulst, Harry; Kita, Sotaro

Commentary on Kita, van Gijn & van der Hulst (1998)
pp. 241-250(10)
Authors: Börstell, Carl; Lepic, Ryan

Hanna Eichmann, Martje Hansen, and Jens Heßmann (eds.), Handbuch Deutsche Gebärdensprache
pp. 251-258(8)
Author: Plaza-Pust, Carolina

The use of signing space in a shared sign language of Australia: (University of Cologne, 2013)
pp. 259-266(8)
Author: Bauer, Anastasia

Acquisition of a signed phonological system by hearing adults: the role of sign structure and iconicity: (Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre (DCAL), University College London (UCL), 2013)
pp. 267-275(9)
Author: Ortega, Gerardo

Signs of the Arctic: Typological aspects of Inuit Sign Language: (Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2013)

pp. 276-284(9)
Author: Schuit, Joke

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