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Myriam Vermeerbergen is Assistant Professor Flemish Sign Language at the Department of Applied Language Studies, Lessius University College (Antwerp, Belgium) and Affiliated Researcher at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. She started research on the grammar of mimFlemish Sign Language about 20 years ago. More recently her research has shifted towards the study of the similarities and differences between the grammars of different sign languages and similarities between (aspects of) sign languages and other forms of gestural communication. Myriam Vermeerbergen has also been involved in and published on (often together with Mieke Van Herreweghe) lexicographical and sociolinguistic work. She is co-founder and current president of the “Vlaams GebarentaalCentrum” (Flemish Sign Language Centre), a non-profit organisation promoting sign language research and development in Flanders, Belgium.

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