Awards, Prizes and Bursaries

Sign Language and Linguistics Society, 2022




TISLR awards

Student and ECR awards

  1. Two early-career researcher awards (either stage or poster)
  2. Student/PhD awards (either stage or poster)

How nominations happen

Students and ECR candidates only have to indicate their status during registration to TISLR. 

Award announcements

Announcement of the awards will be posted on the SLLS website, via the SLLS mailing list, and shared on social media.

Selection criteria

  • ECR is defined as anyone in the first 2-7 years post PhD (regardless of academic appointments). Extensions beyond these 7 years: 18 months extension for each child to mothers, and any other requests for extension will be considered (care leave by dads, or other) per case. In multi-authored presentations or posters, it should be evident that the ECR researcher played a leading or significant role.
  • Students, including persons who defended their doctoral thesis in the last 24 months (as long as they are presenting work from their PhD years). In multi-authored presentations or posters, it should be evident that the student/PhD candidate played a leading or significant role.
  • Scientific content:
    • The work is built on established precedent, but is also novel and notably innovative.
    • The methodology is carefully and logically designed.
    • The presentation outlines clear research questions, methods suitable to address those questions, and results that relate back to the research question.
    • There is a clear theoretical, descriptive, or applied contribution to signed language linguistics.
  • Packaging of information and delivery, including design and level of detail:
    • The presentation/poster provides an overview of the work that is clear with little confusion for the audience member.
    • There is a clear take home message.
    • The presentation/poster provides visual representations (e.g., diagrams, graphs, tables) of the theory, methodology, and/or results/data in ways that are clear and graspable for the non-specialist in the focal area of inquiry. 
    • The presentation/poster provides a balance of big-picture concepts and details that support the study of the larger concepts.
    • The presenter follows best practices with regards to presenting to multilingual audiences and working with interpreters (see Code of Conduct).

Selection process

Awards will be chosen by the SLLS awards committee based on the criteria described above.

Prizes for awards recipients

Certificate, honor and PR (Social media + summary of paper on SLLS website)

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Travel bursaries for TISLR attendance (for students and attendees from developing countries)

Applicants can apply for up to 2,500 EUR. 

Call for travel bursaries

  1. Announcement of the travel stipends will be posted on the SLLS website, via the SLLS mailing list, and shared on social media, soon after the notification of abstract acceptance has been sent out.
  2. Applications should be sent to:


Application for travel bursaries

Conference support for participants from economically disadvantaged countries

The SLLS offers support for participants from economically disadvantaged countries who do not have access to sufficient funds to attend the TISLR conferences.

Applications should include:

  1. A letter of motivation (written or signed)
  2. An overview of the costs requested, including a statement confirming that the amount sought from SLLS can cover all expenses (with or without additional funding)
  3. One letter of support, which should include:
    a. Support for the applicant’s attendance at TISLR
    b. Confirmation that there is no other sufficient funding available to the applicant
  4. Proof of affiliation to a university or deaf organization
  5. Confirmation that the applicant has a valid passport and is eligible for a visa to TISLR’s host country.

Selection process

Applicants/applications will be first be evaluated by the SLLS board for the merit of their conference contributions and the relevance of TISLR to their work. This ranked list will then be used to allot the travel bursaries. The total amount available will fluctuate year to year but should comprise approximately 10% of the SLLS budget.

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Community Linguistics Award

Created and awarded for the first time by the Sign Language Linguistics Society

in 2022, this award recognizes and honors an individual or a group of individuals for outstanding contributions that significantly impact their language community. 

The SLLS Community Linguistics Award recognizes the outstanding contributions that members of language communities make for the benefit of their community’s language. The award will be announced at the (next) TISLR conference. The award comes with a certificate and a 500 EUR prize.

Call for nominations

  1. Call for award nominations will be posted on the SLLS website, sent out on SLLS mailing list, and shared on social media.
  2. Nominations can be made by submitting an application by the stated deadline, due about 2 months before TISLR conference.


  1.     Nominees can be active academic or community linguists (or language worker) or posthumously recognized at the time the nomination is submitted. The work of the nominee must demonstrate that they are productively engaged with their language communities in significant and positive ways through their teaching, research, and/or service activities.
  1.     Nominees may self-nominate or be nominated. 

For questions about this award please contact the SLLS academic liaison,

Please note that the winner will be asked to provide a video clip of no more than 3 minutes of their outstanding work to be shown at the Awards Ceremony at the TISLR conference.

Prizes for awards recipient

A money prize of 500 EUR will be awarded to the recipient.

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