Selected News

  • January 2016:
  • January 2016:  If your 2015 SLLS membership has expired and you would like to renew for 2016, simply login to the site and you will be instructed how to renew.
  • December 2015:  SLLS memberships for registered TISLR 12 delegates are being set up/extended until 31 Dec 2016. SLLS memberships for those who are not registered for TISLR 12 will expire on 3 January 2016; you should receive a message a few days before that reminding you to renew. If you do not, or if you think there has been any error in your membership setup/extension, please contact us at webmaster at slls.eu.
  • December 2015: SLLS members should be able to log in and to retrieve lost passwords now (click Login above and then Lost Password if needed). The SLLS mailing list is back up and running; SLLS members can post to the list using slls@lists.slls.eu.
  • March 2015:  The SLLS mailing list address has changed: slls-list@slls.eu no longer works and should be removed from your contacts list. For the current mailing list address: Members should have received a message with the subject “Welcome to the “SLLS” mailing list” on 2 March with subscription information including the current mailing list address. If you are a member and did not receive such a message, we may have an old email address for you – contact webmaster at slls.eu to change it.
  • September 30, 2013 Handover is underway from the previous SLLS board to the new board. During this time, please bear with us; it may take a bit longer before you receive a response from a board member or before the web site is updated.
  • July 11, 2013 At the General Meeting of the society during the TISLR 11 conference in London, a new board was elected, as well as new regional representatives. The University of Hamburg was elected to host TISLR 13 in 2019.
  • June, 2013 Prof. Gladys Tang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong has received the Hong Kong Humanity Award 2013.
  • December, 2012 The SLLS board has drafted an Ethics Statement for SLLS, which is open for discussion.
  • August, 2012 The membership fees have been adjusted to facilitate participation in the upcoming TISLR 11 conference next year:
  • Existing members can renew their membership, the new period lasting until TISLR 2016.
  • New members can choose to become a member until the end of the TISLR 11 conference next year (including the SLLS General Meeting during the conference) or until the start of TISLR 2016
  • April, 2012 In June 2011), Prof. Brita Bergman of Stockholm University received a royal medal for her important contributions to the field in the last 35 years. More information in English and Swedish (incl. movie).
    Earlier this year, prof. Bergman retired after a long and fruitful career. We wrote a special note on the occasion of her retirement.
  • Febr. 2012 Do have a look at the new issues of Sign Language & Linguitics (14:2, Jan. 2012)Sign Language Studies (12:2, 12:3), and the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education (17:1, Winter 2012).
  • November, 2011 A classic in sign language studies, Mary Brennan’s dissertation Word formation in British Sign Language, has been made available as a PDF file.
  • June, 2011 SLLS has awarded the SLLS Best Poster Prize to the following three posters presented at TISLR10:
    1. Brenda Nicodemus and colleagues, The impact of language modality on linguistic encoding of perceptual categories (1st Prize, €200)
    2. Anna Sáfár and colleagues, Handedness in the Corpus NGT (2nd Prize, €100)
    3. Jonathan Udoff & Karen Emmorey, Phonological constraints on handshape mapping in ASL (3rd Prize, €50)

    We congratulate all winners with their prize, and encourage everyone to take another look at their posters in the Poster Archive.

  • June, 2011: The SLLS board has sent a letter of support to colleagues in Italy, where the government is planning to amend laws relating to LIS in such a way that it is no longer referred to as a language, but rather as a system of mime and gesture.
  • May, 2011 We have created a summary of the 124 responses to the questionnaire about the TISLR10 conference.
  • Febr., 2011 The SLLS Poster Archive is now available to members who are logged in to the site, under the Scholarly Output menu. Members can download posters from the archive, and submit PDF files of their poster presentations presented at any conference.